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Καυσόξυλα Βουλγαρίας
Καυσόξυλα Βουλγαρίας Διάσταση ενός μέτρου. Δρυς και οξιά. Τιμή χονδρικής για φορτηγό 24 τόννων : 60 ευρώ ο τόνος στην έδρα μας στην Σόφια.

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GBH-Bulgaria was founded in 1997 in Plovdiv-Bulgaria.


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Our values

  • Integrity
  • Our actions are characterized by transparency, fairness and consistency. We keep commitments and promises, honestly and impartially without being influenced by external factors or by personal likings and prognoses.

  • Collective thinking
  • The group GBH-BULGARIA is always beside you giving solutions to problems. We encourage and use two-way communication and constructive dialogue..

  • Innovative thinking
  • Innovation is our constant commitment. We are looking for new ways for improvement and development of new products and projects. We are looking for creativity and believe that everyone of our people can contribute to the continuous improvement and development of our company.

  • The customer is number 1
  • For us the customer is No 1. We care about our customers’ needs and serve you with professionalism, courtesy and patience. We distribute our knowledge and train our clients to be able to solve certain problems themselves, which is adding value to our cooperation. We create a relationship of trust, which ignores temporary compensation and is aimed at a long-term cooperation which benefits all.
    Our clients are the satisfied customers. For us our clients are our partners. We strive to offer products that meet their needs, build trust and we offer solutions together.

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    GBH–BULGARIA has a commitment to serve the community in which we work, providing our customers with innovative, high quality products and services that protect the health of our employees and are ecologically clean..

    Renovation and modernization of the interior

    The renewal of a place (office, store) or a home is a serious job and requires consistency, accountability and expertise for achieving the perfect result..

    We pay particular attention to the time of delivery of materials, because we believe that GBH-Bulgaria must act quickly and efficiently. We keep an eye on our customers’ activity so that we can offer the best effect..

    We are standing beside you, consulting you for everything relating to your home..

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    GBH-Bulgaria is specialist in buildings solutions. Repairs, renovations and restorations of homes, architectural design and planning, issuing of building permits, кitchens, frames aluminium, PVC, wooden, mosquitos, shutters, awnings, illuminants, inox railings, interior, security and fire proof doors.
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